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“Throughout my 25 years of experience in the industry, I’ve never come across an OSJ with the same level of care and collaboration that the advisors at Iron Point Financial Advisors, Inc. display.  I no longer feel like I’m working on my own little island.  I now have less administrative work and someone to call upon for assistance that has my best interests in mind.  Most importantly, I now have a team of like-minded investment professionals I collaborate regularly with and feel like my family.  The association with this OSJ quickly accelerated my practice into the next level of production.” 

Henry Sandigo - Shingle Springs, CA

"I like being part of a team and getting input and ideas from other members.  I also enjoy doing occasional joint work with the other advisors, which helps to build business in a fun way.  It's great being part of a successful OSJ."

Daryl Clark - Folsom, CA


"Rob Santoriello understands the power of synergy in bringing reps of various backgrounds together to benefit the strength of all.  If you have never experienced a supportive OSJ environment you owe it to yourself to explore the benefits of being part of something bigger than you could ever achieve on your own."

Ed Hendricks - Reno, NV

"The management and staff are consistently focused on teamwork, support and problem-solving process.  This group is successful, professional, growing and having fun.  We gladly help each other grow to benefit the success of all."

Jim Tintinger - Folsom, CA