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There are many advantages of joining a larger broker dealer, such as the number of varied platforms, products and practice management options available.  However, many advisors that enjoy the personal relationships and direct communication with the executives may shy away from the opportunity to join a large BD.  Fortunately, Iron Point Financial Advisors, Inc. is able to combine the benefits associated with affiliating with a large broker dealer with the advantages of having more pull at a small firm. 

Iron Point Financial Advisors, Inc. is one of the top OSJs at Securities America and also serves on the advisory board for the firm.  Therefore, we have greater negotiation power and direct access to senior management when issues arise.  On average, we are able to resolve most complex issues the same day. 

Another advantage of associating with Iron Point Financial Advisors, Inc. is that we have a unique integrated full service business processing platform at our OSJ that will reduce your administrative work by at least 25%, minimize paperwork rejections from operations and clear your business quicker.  That means you will be paid faster and the transition of your business moves over smoother.

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